Norton Tape(Saint-Gobain USA)

The spacer tape Thermal bond known as NORTON TAPE  from the house of SAINT GOBAIN, USA is made of OPEN CELL PU foam The open cell structure allows the spacer to breath moisture and air and thus doubles the speed of curing silicone as the open cell structure makes it possible for the silicone to cure from BOTH sides.

The open cell PU foam is UV resistant and will not yield or become brittle under the direct exposure to sunlight.

The Thermal bond® spacer tape is of 6.4mm thick and the foams compression set is designed to get compressed to 6mm based on the bite calculations offered by the architect or the silicone vendor. With Thermal-Bond® spacer the adhesive and foam quality and consistency is assured.

​The high strength acrylic adhesive will never stick to hand, while ensuring that it sticks firmly to the glass and aluminum.

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